How to Reset Belkin Router to Factory Default Settings?

Belkin is an American brand company which manufactures a wide variety of electronic products like routers, WiFi extenders, iPod, data cable and network switches etc. The company has made a distinguished name in the field of networking by providing devices offering robust performance. Belkin routers are is one of the product in its lineup known which has been rated the best by the pool of happy customers. Belkin routers perform endlessly without giving any issue to the user

What makes Belkin router different from competitors

There are plenty of reasons why Belkin routers are considered the best all over the world. What makes it stand ahead of its competitors is not only the product quality and performance of the device but the support the company is offering to its user at times of need.

Irrespective of the product quality and performance, it is the support that a user seeks for when he is operating the device. Belkin has surpassed its competitors in this regards. A dedicated team is available round the clock to help the users get the issues resolved instantly. Rarely the user has to give a second try to resolve the queries with the device.

There are various ways through which the user can reach out to the company to get issues resolved. A user can call on toll-free number any time, or can chat with the experts or post his queries in social media forum to get the answers to your issues.

Aspiring to implement the concept of DIY ( Do It Yourself ) the company keeps on posting articles to help the user. The following article illustrates how to reset Belkin router device without the need for expert guidance.

Complete Procedure to Reset Belkin Router

belkin Router reset

Below mention is the step by step procedure to do Belkin router factory reset. Following these simple steps, even a person with zero knowledge of networking can reset the device.

Step 1: Reset the Belkin router first. There is a button on the back side of the device and is labeled as a Reset button.

Step 2: With the help of a paper clip or any pointed object, press the reset button. Hold for at least 8 seconds for proper resetting.

Step 3: The routers light change from solid to blinking.

Step 4: All the customized settings will be reset to factory defaults due to this Belkin router reset process. When the light stops blinking and becomes solid, the reset process is complete.

Step 5: Now wait for 1 minute and after that Restart the router.

Step 6: Now go to the login page via default IP and type your Login Id and password.

Step 7: Click on the Utility option.

Step 8: Select the Restart Router tab from the list of options, and then hit on that button.

Step 9: Select the Restore Factory Default option.

Step 10: Then Click OK.

Note: Steps 1 to Step 5 also shows how to reset belkin router password. At times the user may have to reset the password he/she can follow the above mention steps.


Following these simple steps, any user can easily reset belkin router without the need for any technical knowledge or any kind of external expert guidance. However, to optimize the user experience Belkin has provided a 24*7 support to help the users get an answer to their queries instantly. The user can call our toll free number +1-888-399-0817 any time. An expert will take the call and resolve any queries or any issue that the user may be facing while using the router.

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