How to Setup Belkin Wireless Router?

Belkin Router devices are known all over the world for their robust performance and low maintenance. This device has been rated the best taking into consideration, the ease of installation and troubleshooting for issues if any. How to setup Belkin router at home with the need for expert guidance is shown step by step in the article. The process is so easy that any user with little or no knowledge of networking concepts can apply and put the router to use.

The process of Belkin router setup can be easily done with the help of the web-based setup page. Even though provided with the device the device, there is no need for software CD for the installation process. The user can choose any one of the two methods for installing and configuring the device, whichever he finds comfortable to work upon. The process is more or less the same. In the article that follows we will be covering up the web-based process of installing a Belkin router.


There are two things required before performing a Belkin setup process. You need to have an active internet connection and an Ethernet cable for connecting the device to the internet.

Steps to Setup Belkin Router device


How to setup Belkin router

Step 1: Plugin your Router to the Power outlet.

Step 2: Turn ON the router device.

Step 3: Use an Ethernet cable and connect your modem to your Router.

Step 4: Use another Ethernet cable and connect a computer to the router.

Step 5: The device is now connected to the internet.

Step 6: Open any browser on your computer and type the URL This is the default IP address for accessing Belkin setup page.

Step 7: After Login to the router and the user will be prompted for a password. Leave the password field blank and click on submit to enter into the router setting page.

Step 8: Under Internet WAN option, there is an option for Connection type.

Step 9: Select the connection type as provided by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ).

Note: If at all the user is facing  any difficulty in selecting the connection type, the user can contact their respective internet service provider. The ISP will guide the user in selecting the connection type.

Step 10: Enter the details ( as provided by your ISP ) and apply the changes by clicking on the button. Restart the router and the computer once to apply the changes in the settings.


Belkin router setup

The user can now have access to high-speed internet. Once the user is connected to the internet then he can go ahead and can customize other settings as per his preferences. Following customization can be done by the user with ease.

  • Updating admin password
  • Adjust router timings
  • Setup port forwarding
  • Setup Mac address filtering
  • configure Belkin wireless router setup and may add wireless security to it and many other settings.


Following the above simple steps, the user can easily configure and manage all the settings in the router. In general, the above process doesn’t require the need for hardcore networking concepts or expert guidance support. The company is working hard day and night to implement the concept of DIY ( Do It Yourself ) and has managed to achieve the benchmark to an appreciable extent. However if at all the user is facing any issues, he can call on our support number any time. There is a dedicated team of experts to help you get answers to all your queries any time round the clock.

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