How Do I Reset My NeoTV ?

Netgear NeoTV is a budget-friendly option for all those who want to add online media features to their HDTV. This media streaming device is best known for its extraordinary features and helpful customer services. Do Reset NeoTV via Netgear NeoTV Customer Service is available for all those who are looking for an online remote support. We have come up with an article which covers the steps to reset NeoTV. If you are also looking for such a guide, then this article is specially meant for you. Read the guide given below and reset your NeoTV in a short span of time.


Steps to Reset Netgear NeoTV

Giving a factory reset to Netgear NeoTV remove all stored personal data relating to your settings. Moreover, it will remove the network connections, NeoTV data, and menu preferences as well. But resetting it will make your connection fast and secure. Once you reset Netgear NeoTV, you need to repeat the guided setup, reconnecting the NeoTV device to the internet, reloading streaming channels.

  1. Open the main screen by pressing home on your remote.
  2. Scroll down and select the setting option.
  3. Then after, press the right arrow button, scroll, and select System
  4. Now press the right arrow button, scroll it down.
  5. After that, select advanced system settings
  6. Press the right arrow button, scroll and select Factory reset
  7. Press the right arrow button.
  8. Scroll it down and select Factory reset everything
  9. Now, you would have to enter the code listed on the screen and select OK in order to proceed with the full factory reset.
  10. Whenever you reset it, a different code will be generated.

This is how you can reset the NeoTV. If you have some kind of queries in your mind, then please reach out to the support service of NeoTV. The technicians available there can help you fixing your issues and resolving your queries. No matter what kind of issues you are facing, just by contacting them, you can be so sure of getting every NeoTV resolved. To know more about how to reset NeoTv ntv300, get in touch with them or call to 1888-399-0817.

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