Setup your Netgear Router in 8 Easy Steps

Netgear routers are the leaders in the market for providing networking products. The company is rated the best by a pool of happy customer. These devices are easy to use and require low maintenance. Once set up, the device can work on endlessly. There is a need to set up the device before putting it to use. The following article shows the process of Netgear Router Setup with ease. The process is very simple and doesn’t require any knowledge of networking.

Things you must know before Netgear Router Configuration

With Netgear router configuration, users can use their router with an existing internet service provider. It even resolves issues associated with network connectivity. To perform this process, users can make use of a manual guide which comes along with the router. A manual guide consists of all the relevant information which you may require to set up your router. However, there are so many confusions that come in the user’s mind when they implement the steps practically. The language of a guide is sometimes tedious to understand and hence, requires external support to configure Netgear router.

We have listed step by step procedure which users can follow to configure their router in a short span of time. In case, if you need help while following this process then simply connect with the service team of Netgear.

Steps to setup Netgear Router

Netgear Router Setup

Step 1: Connect your modem to the internet port router

Step 2: There are four LAN ports. Connect your computer to any one of the port.

Step 3: First switch OFF every button in the device then
Switch it ON. Wait for a few seconds.

Step 4: Turn ON your computer and open any browser.

Step 5: Type the IP address or in the address bar. These are two default Netgear Router Setup IP for accessing the settings of the router. Alternatively, you can use the login Webpage.

Step 6: You will be prompted with a login screen asking for Username and Password.

Step 7: The default Username is “Admin” and the default Password is “Password”

Step 8: Click on Setup Wizard in the left sidebar. You will be prompted with a message to detect an internet connection. Click Yes to proceed

Once you click on the next button, the setup wizard will automatically detect the type of internet connection. The Setup Wizard will set Dynamic IP automatically.

Important Point

Make sure that you are not changing the default setting until your internet service provider has provided you with specific DNS information.

These are the steps which you need to follow for configuring the router and doesn’t require hardcore technical knowledge. Just by following the simple steps mentioned above, you can set up and configure your router. The company has left no stone unturned to keep things simple for users. Even after this if any user experiences any difficulty in Netgear wireless router setup process; the company has a dedicated team of experts to guide the user in the best possible way. The user can call toll free number +1-888-399-0817 any time to get proper solutions to all device related issues.


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