How to Reset Netgear Wireless Router to Factory Default Setting?

Netgear is known for manufacturing innovative networking products that help to empower businesses as well as help the people to connect with each other. Be it a home or office or any large space they have a suitable solution which fits their respective networking requirements. Netgear has a huge product line up to support the users. Router, cables, modems, boosters, adapter, powerline, and switches are there to meet the requirements of the end users. These devices are known for their robust performance and low maintenance cost. Once properly installed and configured they keep on performing endlessly without any issues.

The following article throws light on Netgear router issues. Even though rare but at times if the device starts to malfunction the best way to resolve the issue is to factory reset Netgear router. The router will return to its original state and you can again start the process of Netgear router setup to connect to high-speed internet again.

There are two ways for doing Netgear router factory reset process.

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Note: A user can follow any of the methods for doing this process. The user is supposed to follow the same set of steps if he/she wishes to reset Netgear router password.

Method 1: Using the Router dashboard

This Netgear router reset method is done by login to the dashboard of the router. This is a simple 5 steps process illustrated below :

  1. Connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open any web browser and type default web address or then press enter or connect to the login page.
  3. Choose maintenance then backup setting.
  4. Erase all the backup settings and reset Netgear Router by pressing the button which is at the back side of the router. Press and hold for 10 seconds and your router will be set to the default setting.
  5. After reset, you need to reboot it using Netgear ‘Dashboard’. For rebooting the router, Login to the router and from there go to maintenance. Then Click on Diagnostics and then click on Reboot.

Now, it will start rebooting. After a successful reboot, your Netgear router will be ready for setup. Then you can start the setup process from the beginning to put your router back in use.

Method 2: Using WPS and Wireless Key

Note: – Before stepping into this, make sure that your wireless router is plugged in.

  1. Find WPS and Wireless key on your Netgear router.
  2. Press both those keys and hold them for 6 to 10 Seconds.
  3. Let the power light blink red and release it then only.
  4. After this, Reboot your router and give it a minute.

By following any of the above-mentioned procedure, you can reset your Netgear device. As already mentioned, the same steps are to be followed for Netgear router password reset process also. Following these simple steps, a user with little or no knowledge of networking can easily carry out the resetting of a Netgear Router device. To optimize the user experience and to provide resolutions to problems instantly the company has a dedicated team of experts. The user can dial toll-free number +1-888-399-0817 any time to get an answer to all their queries.

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